How To Get Free TV In New York City

It just takes a few easy steps:

Step 1: Convince Yourself TV is Not Evil

Through my journey to achieve work-life balance, I’ve learned it’s okay to sit back and enjoy some TV. Especially in New York City, there always seems to be some sort of competition on who can show they’re the busiest. How many hot yoga sessions did Karen go to last week? Why isn’t John working on an online Master’s when he comes back from his 60 hour work week? Slowing down and enjoying life makes you seem like a lazy, good for nothing. At least, that’s what this “cult of busyness” in our culture has made us believe.

Hey, I’m Olivia and I live in the heart of Downtown NYC, right in SoHo. I’m here to tell you that television is not a sin, and you can indeed watch it without feeling guilty. In fact, I’ve recently converted to a new religion called Believers in Indoor TV Antennas and it’s been fantastic.

Step 2: Realize Your TV Subscription is Too Damn Expensive

Television prices are one of those things that are easy to cut out, but we instead bite the bullet and continue paying sky-high prices for cable packages. Cable companies keep raising their prices and we have no choice but to pay if we want even just a few channels to watch. The prices are high and the quality is low, and finally I just had enough. I decided to find a way to get free TV in New York City.

how to get free tv in nyc

Step 3: Discover the Indoor TV Antenna

I did my research and spent hours looking for a way to find what I need. And finally, I stumbled onto indoor TV antennas. I found a map for my area code and my mind was blown! With this indoor TV antenna, I could get up to sixty-two channels to watch for no money at all (after the initial cost of the antenna). All I had to do was get an antenna and set it up. This bad boy was just $89 and the best part? No subscription ever again.
There are tons of options out there, but I went with the indoor TV antenna from Channel Master. Check it out yourself!

Step 4: Enjoy Free TV in New York City (No Illegal Activities Involved)

I know, it sounds way too good to be true. But don’t worry, I gave it a go to test it out and it held up! I easily get access to over sixty channels, and they’re all in HD. There’s no bad quality, no muffled sound, nothing less than what I would have had with the major television companies in my area. Best of all, it was super easy to install and hook up to both of my TVs, and now I have absolutely free TV in New York City, of all places.

I enjoy watching all the same shows, especially my favorites on The CW and ABC. But don’t worry, it’s not just the big networks available! You can easily find a map of your own area to see what channels are available, but there are so much more. Big fan.

I certainly don’t miss paying that cable bill every month. I’m saving money and watching all the same stuff as I did before. I even went out and bought myself something nice with the money that would have gone to my old cable bill. I treated myself as a reward for making such a smart switch. Definitely give it a try yourself! I promise you won’t regret it.

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