Escape The City

One thing that is very true about New York is that it never sleeps! The hustle and bustle is more than just the norm, it is the culture of the city. I can’t speak for everyone in New York, but I frankly love it- but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to escape sometimes. If you ever feel like you need to escape the city, but don’t necessarily want to physically leave the city, I have you covered!


Around every corner in New York is a surprise, and I have made it my personal mission to seek out every tranquil spot there is. Below is a list of the places I go to focus on myself, recharge, and forget about the world around me. Give them a try & let me know what you think!

MNDL Meditation

Modern Sanctuary

Maha Rose Center for Healing

Breathe Salt Rooms

Y-7 Studio

Nap York

Aire Ancient Baths